I wish,I were a butterfly!!

I wish,I were a butterfly; So that,I can fly; From time to time across time; From colour to colour spreading colours; From street to street chased by fleets; From home to home, taking kids my(butterfly’s) home; I wish,I were a butterfly. I wish,I were a butterfly; Kissing all the flowers and Flying across the sky; […]

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My school friend quotes this sentence very often, “Success is doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way”. Everyone likes success. The desire to succeed is there, inside every heart burning like a bright light; driving and motivating one to work hard and smart towards success. Be it in business, education, […]

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My First Blog..

Yes! finally. I have time , patience and enough thoughts to write, now. What should I write about? I think anything about that is worth thinking about.. About people, places, photographs, incidents, love, life,etc, etc. Everything that I am trying to learn I will take you together in the journey. I don’t have any expectations […]

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